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hello everyone~~

i was led to this site by a google search about squalene oil, and it looks like there are so many interesting topics here. i'm 34, live in the southeast us, and i'm a massage therapy student. aside from my day gig, i'm also a dancer and in a yoga teacher training~~

i'm interested in all things health related, and healthy skin is one of them. i use a combination of "natural" and not-so-natural products. i have the skin of someone in their twenties...people are always shocked when they find out how old i am, but lately i've been concerned about some fine lines and puffiness developing under my eyes (not crows feet...which i think can actually be rather attractive) and the beginnings of "smile parenthesis"...which i'm not so fond of. i'm don't want to obsess about aging but i also want to look my personal best. i have a love of aesthetic and beauty, in many forms.

if anyone has any thoughts about my "problem areas", i would appreciate any feedback. i do all of the basic stuff...drink plenty of water, excercise a lot, eat well, supplement, etc...though sometimes i don't get enough sleep and i can always see a difference in how i look when i don't! i feel there is a lot of conlicting information and false claims in the land of skin care products. is the expensive stuff really worth it? how do some "anti-aging" products like retinols effect darker skin? what about chemical peels and what-not? and what about that squalene oil?......i'll ask this stuff in the appropriate places, but just wanted to toss out some things i'm interested in

ok, enough for now...i really just wanted to say hi!
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Hi there and welcome to the forums! You may want to post your questions in the Skin Care forum. Here is the link to it:

Skin Care Talk - Skin Care Talk

Not everyone reads the Introductions forum, so you may get a better response over in the Skin Care section.
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Welcome to the forums. I believe that most anti-aging products are unnecessary. Eating right, sun protection and the other things you mentioned are far more important and effective in keeping your skin looking healthy.
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