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Hair Colouring?

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I'm really starting to get into making my hair crazy. If you want to point it out. Asian Hair. Lmao.

And I'm thinking of dying my hair blonde/yellow/orangeish like so my hair has the effect of fading into those colours from black.

What is the best brand for that?
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If your hair is not already bleached for this I would say go to a hair stylist. If you were going darker in color I would say do it at home. But since your going lighter I say take it to a professional. I know that color your talking about I have about the same color your describing in my hair now. I didn't do it myself but she bleached streaks of my hair than she added a copper tone than colored it red but of course it didn't turn out totally red its a blonde copper with a tint of red but looks kinda orangish. I have really dark hair too and it came out really good.
Alright sweet, I am going to get my hair cut on Friday.. BTW I'm a guy, just to clear it that I do not have long hair..

But alright I've known the dude mostly my whole life and I'll just ask him if he can, and just hoping my Dad will aprove. (Y)
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My bad, sorry I just assumed you were a girl. Well Good Luck!
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