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hair dryer??

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i'm asking if hair dryer is bad for hair or not??and how many times at week or at mounth should i use??
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Blow drying is damaging to the hair. The hotter the air, the more damage it does. There are some ionic blow dryers that are supposed to be much better, but they are also more expensive.
well yeah, its bad. its kind of mixed though, i think the pros of using a blowdryer way outweigh the cons so ill tell you here:
pros- my hair feels lighter, softer, and never gets tangled or frizzy if i blowdry.
cons- if you blowdry wrong, it will get frizzy. and my sisters say it kills your hair but hair is already dead. and it may dull the color if you have color treated hair but for that you should just deep condition once a week or use some amazing shampoo and conditioner by pureology for instance.

i use my blowdryer about 5-7 days a week. meaning i use it everyday and at the least, 5 days. my hair looks best when i blowdry, its that simple.
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you can always try speacial shampoos and conditioner and sprays with heat protectors, try using a diffuser to make it less damaging
yea its bad for the hair if you use it too much. Which is the reason I air dry my hair often. Buuttt, like mutti said there are certain blow dryers that are more expensive but worth the money I think if you want something less damaging on the hair. Starlite is also right w/ the pros and cons. It does make hair more manageable unless you flatiron it so...

sprays w/ heat protectors often leave a film on the hair or make it hard since most of em are in the form of a hairspray but they still help. Rangerkays recommendation on specially formulated shampoos and conditioners are good also.

The sun is just as damaging on hair so try to protect it from the sun!
e.g. sunhat, cap, w/e.
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My hair dryer has that coolair button which I use if I feel my hair getting too fried
I hate when I accidentally press that button and all of a sudden I feel a cool rush of air on my head I'm like 'what the?'
I bought an ionic hair dryer and I like it but the bummer part of it is that it has a ridge on it and now my diffuser won't fit on the end of it.
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