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Hair Growth Oils

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Doo Grow, Dr Miracle's oil, and other hair growth oils--how well do they work? I know this boy from middle school who said his afro really grew from Doo Grow. Has anyone here had such experiences? Cuz I really want to grow my hair.
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its not good to use Dr Miracle's stuff after you get a relaxer. if you do decide to use it, try waiting a while before you get one or after you get one to use his stuff. i do notice though that when i wash my hair more often it tends to grow faster but of course i have to moisterize it.
So, are Dr. Miracles' products effective? Doo Gro?
ooh... seeing as I have't used it, I'm not gonna lie to you. I don't know. I know that when a lady I know used it it actually made some of her hair fall out! I'll go ask around and see if anyone else I know who used it says it works.
You can't really do to much to increase hair growth, despite what some companys try to tell you. Some people say that taking biotin supplements have helped, or scalp massages to increase circulation.
Actually, you CAN do things to maximize hair growth. i know that massaging scalp, exercise, and good nutrition helps hair growth. I'm just wondering about those really expensive oils, like this Dr. Miracle's: Product List do anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by

Actually, you CAN do things to maximize hair growth.

Amen to that! LOL!

I wouldn't recommend using Dr. M's stuff from what I've heard about it making peoples hair fall out because of the strong stuff used in it. That's the real reason why I haven't used it and I still have a full head of hair.

I really would recommend Nioxin though. NIOXIN® Research Laboratories: Nioxin - Professional products for thinning hair I've used it to know it works. Some people say that it 'reverts your relaxer back too quickly' when what its actually doing is promoting hair growth. What do they expect? New growth to grow in straight? LOL! My mom (tears) chopped off my hair literally years ago bcuz of me letting children play in my hair not knowing what they were doing. I would actually let them play in it everyday pulling it out. That's happened to me 3x and it keeps on growing back. Nioxin's not only meant for thinning hair though. It's pretty good stuff. I wish I had free samples but I don't...
Try their small sizes if anything at first to see how you like it.
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dai, exactly what nioxin product did you use?
dai, exactly what nioxin product did you use?
Did? I still use it. I use either one. I like both the one for course and the one for fine hair. I have a combination of hair. SOme parts fine while others are coarse. Most of the time I use the one for coarse hair. No matter which one of the two I use I make sure it says for chemically treated hair not natural. Just so you know, I use a variety of hair products, not only Nioxin. I like to mix it up, I could list them for you if you want. These are all the products I use from Nioxin:
  • Shampoo: Nioxin Cleanser (I use both the Fine hair and Medium/Coarse hair one)
  • Conditioner: Nioxin Scalp Therapy (both the FIne hair and Medium/Coarse hair one)
  • Nourish(stuff for after u wash it): Nioxin Scalp Treatment (its in a bottle that you squirt the stuff on your scalp really helps grow -no bull-)
  • Vitamins:Nioxin Recharging Complex
  • Reconstructors: Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque
  • Deep COnditioners: Hydrating Hair Mask
  • Nourish: Nioxon Follicle Booster (very similar to the Scalp Treatment)
  • Leave in Conditioner: Nioxin Silk Elixir (after you wash)
I use all this and much more. I use so many things on my hair when I'm done washing it to help detangle and nourish and moisterize n stuff. My mom thinks I put too much gunk into my hair but its never heavy its always flowing in the wind and healthy unless its dirty... You should see my cabinet I have soooo many products and I keep some up at her shop. She doesn't like that though...
I try to take very good care of my hair.
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i use Regain before.
does it work? I think I might need it in the near future
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Doo Grow, Dr Miracle's oil, and other hair growth oils--how well do they work? I know this boy from middle school who said his afro really grew from Doo Grow. Has anyone here had such experiences? Cuz I really want to grow my hair.
Hi Voodler,

Have you tried olive oil or almond oil? They both help hair grow and become stronger. I use them myself.

Hope this helps.
Just wondering if anyone has tried using neem oil on hair? I heard it's very good for hair growth and getting rid of hair lice as well. Would love to hear from anyone who has used this oil with success. I have noticed also that many shampoos contains neem.

Please share your thoughts as I would love to use this new hair oil.
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Someone please tell me what NEEM is

Olive oil is great for smoothing the cuticle. moisturizing the hair to prevent breakage & cleansing the scalp. Another good practice is to keep blow drying to a bare minimum. Toweldry & air dry as much as possible & use the dryer only o the lowest setting. I saw much less breakage & hair loss fro making this change. I am trying to grow it back out: I lost my long hair by fistfuls from a side effect from a medication back in Feb 08. I ended up having to cut what remained just below the ears. For a while, my follicles were freaked out & not growing hair well, but that turned around last Fall & my hair is growing back nicely. By next year at this time it'll be back as it was.
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Sure Ondine! is a reliable source of info on all things's what she has to say about Neem:

Neem Seed Oil

To me it smells like roasted nuts, but some ppl find it overpowering so they mix it with another oil. I think it can easily be found in Middle Eastern grocery stores.

Asian ppl swear by camellia oil for luster and softness and it smells nice:
<font color=brown>chidoriya original pure camellia oil

HTH and I hope your hair grows back nicely.

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If you had to choose only one oil, which one would you go for?
If you had to choose only one oil, which one would you go for?
Two of my favorites are Grape seed, and Jojoba. What about you?
Lately is Emu oil. I use it on my face before bedtime, not for day time too oily, it doesn't miracle for wrinkles but when I discovered in a thread that it was good for itchy scalp, I gave a try and YES in one application my itch was gone.

and why grape seed, for your salad? and the jojoba?
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