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Hair Removal

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Hi All,

I need a name of a product or a cream to remove hair from the body forever, soemthing effective to permit it from growing back..

Anybody know a name of a product to permit hair from growing back??
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Im still looking for one ; p but when you find one let me know. I dont think companys wont to make a hair removing cream thats permit. They would lose money and companys wont us coming back. So sorry I dont think you will find anything thats going to remove hair "forever".
I'll second mango girl. . . . . . corporate bodies would do products that might be enticing, though assurances like permanent hair removal is an impossibility since they gain money through selling their products, a terminal product would spell doom on their merchandise, no one would come back for more.
isnt that the truth

*runs around like a cavewoman
i don't think that there is a cream that removes hair forever. waxing can remove hair forever but it takes time. you need to wax more often every time the hair grows. it takes 2-3 years for your hair to stop growing back. like me, my hair below has stopped growing after I waxed it for how many years. it destroys the hair follicles thats why the hair wont grow back easily.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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