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happy with her skin care

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Hi All.. I am in my late 30's, and have become serious about my skin care. I recently tried C-extreme results, which is a similiar to a microdermbrasion and loved it. I now am hooked on the line and use a C wash, A serum which includes retinyl palmitate, retinol and triple peptides, and C moisturizer. I use the C-extreme results twice a month, and drink alot of Flavored green tea beverages with Acai berry.. I was never one for water until the above drinks.. I love the way my skin feels and looks.. Is there anything else I should be focusing on.
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Water is so key to good looking skin, and well general all round health. I like to take a bottle of water a day mixed with some herbal tinctures and it works well. Another trick is to use herbs in the bath and let them absorb through the skin as you lay back and relax.
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