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Hi ,

i wanna my skin brightness back.i was bright untill i was in 10th st.(4 years ago) but now i am dull,i have acenes on my face..
& my spouse......

it is very painfull to remember what i am in past & what i am now....

so plz,plz,plz.....
tell me any best solution that will give me my bright skin whithin year.

& yaa any idea to reduce Melanocyte-stimulating hormone by food .

plz help me .
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Try a skin lightening cream. Just search google for skin lightening... there are so many products out there.
I agree with JackO, there are many skin lightening solutions found on the net. Following-up with proper sun protection is also imperative.
In response to the previous post that I did; use hydroquinone, that's the one with the best reputation in my opinion.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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