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Has Anyone Tried or Heard of...

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DERMACIA make up? I saw an infomercial on it a while back then I began seeing it advertised in a few mags. It has a full page in the September 2006 Cosmo issue. Rachel Hunter is the spokesmodel for it. It sounds really good. You can find info on it on Dermacia - Skin Care Products I'm going to look into it and keep you SCT'ers updated on what I find out. Adios for now...
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Heard of it....never tried it. Sorry I'm no help.
I don't find any company history on their site. How long have they been around and what's their track record?
Also, the "please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery" statement turned me off.
I only buy makeup at the store where I can see and try it.
Yeah you think the turn around time is too long how about the 2 payments of $49.99? Heck NOOOOO!!
never heard of it.
I just started using this stuff not long ago and I really like it. I have pretty bad acne and a friend of my mom's turned me onto it. I've had less breakouts since I started using it, and it covers up the problems I still have. Def worth a shot if you have skin issues!
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