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have you ever been scammed by a skincare company?

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I've ordered from a company and now they are sending me products every month even though I have called to cancel. My credit card keeps getting charged and now I'm having a hard time getting through to them by phone or email. I feel like I'm being scammed. Has this ever happened to you? What did you do?
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I know there are good mail-order companies that honor requests to drop a subscription and do it in a timely manner - but, there are some who are not as professional and it sounds like you have found one. You may need to call your credit card company and go through that channel to remove charges and return all unused products for credit. I had difficulty getting a company to stop sending product several years ago. I didn't open any of the boxes, but packaged everything together and wrote on the invoices to credit the account and followed-up with a call to the credit card company - a pain and is the reason I do not particpate in trial offers that lead to full-blown subscriptions. Good luck.
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