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Okay. Um... WoW. Sorry guys for disappearing like that all of a sudden. I didn't think that I would really be missed or anything like that...

I've been through a lot, during the time that I wasn't here, but that's too long and too personal to put here. I'm back in college again now, just became vegan like a week ago, and I'm slowly opening up again. It's kind of hard for me to trust people since I was hurt so many times, but that's just a part of life I'll have to deal with.

-- Enough of the depressing talk!

Sooo in the time that I was gone I'd like to say : WELCOME NEW AND RETURNING MEMBERS!!! ;D

I'm going to go and browse through the site to see what's new... YEAH posting! Also, like I promised, I will be posting pics of myself as I go through my diet + skin lightening process. I'd like to for people to see the whole transition and everything. It just makes everything more realistic and see what works I guess.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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