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I've been viewing the Brighterskin board for a little over two years now,I came to this because of the long term sun damage and pregancy mask I had gotten,which made my face 2-3 shades darker than my whole body and very noticeable,I first tried Ambi,then Hydroquine 10%,the Whiterskin,Fair&Flawless(It worked but,only lighten the top of my skin and you could see the dark scarring underneath-F&F mostly gave me a glow,no real lighten,then after two weeks even using 30spf sun block,I darkened 2 shades darker than the complexion I started with---NO LIE HERE!I tried lighten with F&F twice to see ifthis is true-AND SORRY TO SAY ITS TRUE.)So AFTER Fair&Flawless broke my spirit down ,I went for 20% Micro Monobenzone,and I noticed it working to 2 shades,But my acne was flarring up to much so I stop to start Accutane,so while Im on Accutane Im researching a less aggressive lightener with my derm(Im looking into Mequinol) because I dont want to be WHITE,I JUST WANT LIGHTER SKIN TO MATCH MY BODY WHICH IS A MILKY CHOCOLATE COMPLEXION WITH YELLOW UNDERTONE.

~~~~~~Thankyou hopefully whatever these stars(Ex:Lil Kim,Mario,Oprah,the women on "Girlfriends")are using to lighten will come out... and they'll want to help us!~~~
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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