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I am new here but it seems I have found the right place. I have always used skincare but didn't really apply myself, if you will pardon the pun - I just bought whatever was on offer, often Simple, sometimes Olay. I am now 41 (not sure how that happened so fast) but look younger so if I want to keep passing for 31 I have to do something about it
(also my partner is 30 which adds to the pressure - it doesn't make me feel younger, it makes me feel anxious!)

I have used Eve Lom cleanser for about ten years so I am devoted to that. The first time I used it I went downstairs afterwards and my ex-husb looked at me very strangely and said 'er ... what did you do to your face?' I said (in a panic) 'what do you mean? what's happened to it?' He said 'it looks so ... clean. Like new skin'. Which proved to me that Eve Lom is amazing as he wasn't normally the noticing type.

I have recently found Gale Hayman, via QVC here in the UK (although I bought it from which has discounts and no stupidly high postage fees like QVC) and currently I am loving it, it even smells lovely.

I would also like to try Elizabeth Arden but am not sure if they test on animals (I have been vegetarian since age 12).

I have lines under my eyes now which apparently is a 'you hit 40, you get the eye lines' situation ... any advice welcome!

best wishes,
Sam (aka MizKitty) xx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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