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Hi just a little bit about me ,
I m always looking at new ways of keeping my skin looking great but I am a little bit naughty sometimes a smoker and drinker, ( mainly weekends its a social thing ) so I try to compensate with any new concept, treatment or cream , as well as my diet . As I have got older my skin has started to take on mild conditions of Roseacea ( is that how its spelt ? ) Any suggestions that have worked for you would be greatly appreciated ( stuff thats a little different to the norm like sun, stress,hot and cold ,alcohol etc I know about these ) - as I am a beauty therapist , I have been keeping my roseacea ( its pretty mild unless its been in the sun ) under control with ipl laser treatments and certain other treatments one that I have been using a galvanic spa treatment I love it - its great !
I am thinking of buying a home treatment anti- ageing light therapy treatment by Tanda does anyone recommend this .
Also the dermaroller has anyone used this on roseacea ( they dont recommend for sensitive skins ) with success.

I have heaps more questions as I love hearing from other women on certain products and treatments I can also help out with lots of anti - aging treatments that I know as I love and use as well so I think I will have fun on this forum as a contributor as well

Shelle Belle
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