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Hello! Im a guy and need some advice please

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Hello!! Well, just to start things off rather simplistic and straightforward, my face has been dry as well as my scalp. Rather than rush off to wal-mart or target and buy whatever lotion, I'd thought I ask for advice first
I do have sensitive skin, had to deal with acne, so I'd need something that wouldn't be too harsh on my skin nor clog pores correct? I have also read that mixing bananas with honey and egg white can make a moisturizing mask? And cucumbers would do well to rub around one's face? As for my scalp I used selsun blue on and off for about 2 weeks, didn't notice much a difference, perhaps there's a natural remedy for this *** well? It's not really flaky, or rather, flakes don't accumulate on my shoulders or anything like that. However, if I start to rub my head, i will see tiny flakes drift off for a little bit.. Thanks in advance for any help and advice!!
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Wow, no replies, well i should have noted that I had a very important date/appointment, (in an hour from now) and thought I could have gotten help...... =( i should have tried other forums........
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I would go with an all natural/organic moisturizer for dry skin. My husband uses the Gaia Made for men line, but I think any quality product for women will do the trick as well.
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