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Hello All

My first post here. I decided to start taking better care of my skin as of late.
I'm 25 yrs old and would like to start learning, preventing, and assisting others as well.

I guess I am wondering where to start. I bought the following:

Dermalogica - Special Cleansing Gel
Neutrogena - Anto Oxidant Age Reverse
Neutrogena SPF 15 Lotion

Are the first 2 items a waste of money?

What should I be looking for?

Any help would be awesome!!
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welcome to the forum. there are many products out there that will be beneficial for you. Take the time to research and you will find the products that make the most sense. There are certainly more effective products than the ones you chose, but at your age the spf lotion is a very solid start. Enjoy the site, it is very informational. I thought this forum would have more traffic
the best ant-ageing product you will ever need is SPF 30, you need to use it every day, winter and summer even if the weather is cloudy, i didnt start using it until I was in my late 40's but at your age if you start using it now your skin will really benefit from it. I use MD formulations face protector 30 but there are lots of other products on the market which are probably just as good.
cool thanks!

so i shouldnt worry about copper peptide stuff?
Hi I am new too. I am a skin care therapist and have been in the industry for 10 years. Dermalogica is a great product line... contains lots of anti oxidants and valuable ingredients. SPF is the best thing to be using daily on your skin. If you like the Dermalogica brand... go into any skin care salon that stocks it and they should do a free face map for you, showing you exactly what skin care products from the line would suit your skin the best.
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