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Another new member here, looking for good advice for good skincare! A little about me and my "special skin issues": I'm 24 years old and have been battling acne since about age 11, I think (puberty...grrrrr
). Recently (as in the last 8 months or so), I have gotten the acne under control (or maybe it's just eased up naturally). I only get flares about once or twice a month, on the cheeks, and they are usually either pimples or some form of cystic/nodular acne. Being African American, I alwayssssss scar. My skin texture is kind of rough, unevenly colored, with small indentations on the cheeks from old acne, but I'm sort of a master at taking the "misleading photograph" lol.

I'm also a hair junkie; I love, love, love anything hair related and can spend hours wandering through drug stores and beauty supply stores looking at hair and skin products!

Anyway, looking to learn new things, and glad to be here
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