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im new :3

im a 17 year old male , im a mixed race of russian and middleastern , and i am really insecure when it comes to looks and skin care :<

i used to be a professional gymnast as a kid, but unfortunately now , because of that and all that streching i did as a kid , i have the most annoying strechmarks on my *** , my hips and knees and the area behind my knees :'< and they make me sooooooo insecure as i HATE showing off my body in public

im super skinny and im on average height...(<_<) *but i feel short"

i am currently really into bodybuilding , i actually want that LARGE MASCULINE body , cuz my current body is being tagged as skinny as a female super model without the boobs XD

ive been working on my body from the begining of 2009 , but of course im not so strict about it , but i should beeee!!

beside all that other stuff ... i paint

so heres pretty much all ive got to say now , i hope i get to meet some intresting people here , and get the help i need , share tips and hopefully help people if i can!

byebye :"D !
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