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Help clear face, all suggestions welcome!

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Hello all, for the past several years I have been having skin problems around the chin area. I only have acne break outs on my chin on any place of my face and over the years I have scars now from it. For the past several weeks I haven't had a pimple there but there is still a red discoloration on several spots. Here are some pictures and if anyone can help me out with any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

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The red marks will fade away with time... usually in 6-12 months. You can also try some dermabrasion or skin peels.
I would also vote for Microdermabrasion. Try something with 2.5% BP for that area. It looks oil, so witch hazel might help also.
The worst is over. Peels and microdermabrasion is also what I would suggest.
Hi rusty ,your not alone! Check out if you go into skincare facts she lists battle plans and products for every type of skin concern. You look like you may have sensitive and oily skin like me, her products have never broke me out or make mad me red. I'd recommend the normal to oily cleanser, moisture gel and the 1% beta hydroxy gel 3 times a week. Her products are not expensive and work great. Please check it out.
The best product line I've ever seen for acneic skin is Pangea Organics. At my store, we've seen many people convert from many skincare lines like clinique to proactive with wonderful results. Pangea uses herbal astringents, anti-inflammatories, etc. Also, be sure to keep your hands off your chin, drink lots of water and don't eat greasy food.
good luck
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Proactive has a skin lightening product specifically made for red and dark acne scars. It works but does have many chemicals in it.
I think it will fade away eventually.

Untill then, keep your face clean and use sensitive oil-free products! Good luck!
ask your doc for some retin A cream. Then stay out of the sun. As a registered nurse I've read lately that certain areas of the face break out for specific reason or contribute to the problem area / the mouth area and chin area are sometimes prone because of diet, the cheeks are improper or over washing the area, the forhead is usually due to oily skin and hair and then we are prone to picking at them @least i am. Also try some 3%hydrogen peroxide costs about a dollar and works well trick is once you've done your cleansing regime don't touch your face/ put some rubber gloves! Kidding - hope this helps audisafetyrn
I am in my thirties and still can get acne if I am not careful. I have used Dermalogica Anti-bac wash. It is good for the bacteria that causes acne. You have to be sure to remember to moisturize.
i just read your add and i have the same problem, when i break out is always in the chin area. I have read that this area represents hormonal unbalance...To control it i use when im very oily 'anti back skin wash' (cleanser) from Dermalogica and Oil Control lotion (a moisturizer,from Dermalogica too) just on the chin area. I just use it like 2 or 3 days a week because i notest that if i use it everyday of the week it really dry my skin. So whenever i feel that one is about to come out, ill attack! Also i apply 'overnight clearing gel' just in the place where the break out is. Check out the Medi Bac system from Dermalogica, it has work for me. Hope i could be of some help. I havent meet too many people with the same problem than me! Good luck and remember not to touch your chin constantly. (i realized is a bad habit!)
I would recommend using salycilic acid, this has really helped me, you can get washes with it in and spot creams - Murad is good and there are a few out there with this in. Also clay masks really help - Decleor Aroma Puretee is brilliant. You can also take some vitamins like zinc 15 mg a day. Lastly, I recommend when you wash your face you do so with a clean cloth, to remove all the dirt. All the best.
Hey Rusty, just wanted to let you know that it doesn't look that bad to me at all!
Acne is a horrible problem. Have your tried steaming your face using a few drops of lavender in the water. The steam will cleanse your pores by opening them and the lavender is soothing, anti bacterial and can often take away the angry red look that acne can give you. You can also dab lavender straight onto your spots.
I've heard that Proactive products are good but haven't really tried them myself. However, I suggest you do stick to oil-free products based on the look of your skin. Keep clean and hydrated as well and don't pick on those suckers.
Hi Rusty, it doesnt look that bad but man is it a pain when you are the one personally going through it! I know the feeling.

I recently had one of my friends use Mama Lotion, he is a young male that suffered from severe acne, we used ANSR light therapy to clear the acne first, then Mama Lotion to clear the scaring.

Mama lotion has a 20% AHA formulation that is 10% Mandelic acid and 10% Malic acid along with a 2.5ph. This is fantastic mix! You have to let it soak in for about 15 minutes before applying other products such as a suncreen which you will need if you use this product.

There are a couple of places that have the 20%, its posted in another forum, I can only remember that SkinStore has 20% with a SUMMER20 code but they didnt state how long it is going on....

best of luck!
Can microdermabrasion fade all the scars away? I've got many people before and now, the scars are still red
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It's very mild, I think you can easily fix this problem once you find out WHY you break out. Breakouts on the chin area tend to be link with a hormonal imbalance, so it could be an internal issue. You can try changing your lifestyle by eating more clean foods such as veggies, fruits, complex carbs, good fats and water and also exercise regularly to release toxins. Try to mark when you breakout so you can find a possible trigger or pattern for your breakouts.

I also think you should use a salicylic based cleanser/scrub to exfoliate the skin and unplug pores and a azealic based gel or lotion at night. Azealic is supposed to brighten your skin, it is also antibacterial and reduces inflammation so it's perfect for people who want to brighten and fight breakouts. Keep your skin care regimen simple and try to use less products as possible so it doesn't further irritate your skin.

If you feel you tried everything and nothing works, make a trip to a DERM.
I use the at home dermabrassions- the one from Avon, it's like 20$ and lasts for months it's pretty good at keeping the face clear of acnee.
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