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im thinkin of getting this Roaccutane thing.. i dont know how it works or anything?
i dont have major acne but i never seem to not have spots if you no what i mean? im always piling on the makeup to cover them and its really embarassing...i no that this isnt helping bit when im out or at work etc.. thats all i can do.
So ive been reading through everyones advice on here but none of it seems to fit my situation.. i dont think.. that i have acne as such although it could be mild acne.. my dad had bad skin when he was younger but he doesnt anymore and i seem to be the only 1 in my family that does have bad skin.. its sooooo unfair

so i want to start like a regime sorta thing but i dont know where to start.. people are saying wash with water others are saying use sacyllnn or something.. but i dont know what these are i need them in real terms lol... im a beginnner at this you see..

so can i use facial wipes? cos at the oment thats all i use.. i wake up in the orning .. shower.. put make up on.. go to work come home use a facial wipe then go to bed and do it all over again? but they dont seem to do anything for my skin!! could it be the ones im using?? ive tried a number of different ranges.. like boots tea oil ones they were quite good.. then i used just regular baby bottom wipes.. cos they were cheaper.. then i just bought ceapy ones .. should i be looking into whats in these things? but even then when im looking wot am i looking for exactly? its all a buch of gobbldy **** to me?

my spots are either big hue whiteheads somewhere really random like on my top lip?? thats a popular place i get those alot.. and my chin i rarely dont have at least 3 spots in this area.. there not just little ones either theyre huge but there not poppable they have sort of a white mass under my skin it seems... so i can get rid an they hurt aswell.. i do have quite oily skin .. does wearing foundation make it worse?


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Hi jojo
Sheesh, I know how confusing it all many ads will tell you so much conflicting advice. For one thing: those skin wipes? Don't use them! They do not adequately clean your skin!!

Here is a link to some good advice and a basic routine that will not cost you a fortune: this website has very good reliable facts:

Skin Care Basics

I hope this helps you!

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