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hi skinfreek... now lets have a look at the rules
... well there aren't any.. so i shall tell you what i know?

well you have successfully signed up
so now what you do is open up onto any thread that interests you and if you want to respond click on quick post or post message (which gives you access to these little icons!
) write and then submit reply.

every message you post you get a kinda credit for, which you can see on your profile, and the green boxes accumulate. you will get emails from the admin guys about threads you have been tracking or commenting on..

everyone is friendly, checking in with newcomers like yourself is a good way to break the ice, feels less daunting when you have made contact with someone at the same level.. but that's my personal thought ...

good luck, and i hope this helps a little ... you'll soon find yourself chatting away!

be well

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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