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Help my skin is peeling and turning red

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I have been using Obagi and Retin A for several weeks. my skin is peeling and turning a bit red. is this normal? will it go away? i really don't want to have a bad reaction to this stuff
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Aren't both of those products by prescription only? Maybe you should ask your doctor if its okay to use both at the same time. Your skin is probably becoming too sensitive and irritated.
i purchased it online through amazon

I haven't used obagi personally, but I am going to give you a link to a forum and they have numerous discussions about obagi so you should find it helpful. But from what I understand, the peeling and the redness is normal.
Please keep us posted on how you get on. It might be helpful to anyone else who decides to take the obagi plunge.

Good luck

Eighth day on Obagi, and the reactions from people.....
if there's a burning sensation with the peeling and redness, then its time to go to the Derm Pronto!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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