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HELP My skin looks awful

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My skin looks awful. On the cheeks and forehead, my skin is covered with tiny wrinkles. My bf says it is because the products I am using are too harsh, causing the cell walls to grow larger. Does anyone have any ideas on how to help?
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see if you can go a month without using any of your skin products (except for maybe a gentle cleanser). A lot of skin creams can actually cause the skin to age FASTER. See if you can go a month without them and hopefully your skin will improve.

What products are you currently using?
I agree, the products you are currently using may be too harsh and there is no reason to stick with a product that's not working. I posted elsewhere on this forum under different threads about Relastin and I want to tell you about it because it seems like you really need help. I have used Relastin Skin Revitalizer and Eye Silk for a while and it has really helped me decrease the wrinkles on my forehead and under the eyes. It doesnt irritate my skin and it sinks into it and seems to fill the creases well. Maybe you should give it a try. It might be less harsh than the stuff you are using now and I know it has really helped me look younger and less raisiny. Hope this helps!
Very interesting-some moisturizers can enhance aging, what are the products, just so I can avoid them?

Classic preventions are hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Also, wearing sunscreen (even in the winter and on cloudy days because UVA rays penetrate through even the thickest of clouds) or a moisturizer with sunscreen, don't touch your face i.e. resting your face on your hand. Take vitamins i.e. C, E, A, which are antioxidants that help combat free radicals (which increase aging internally and externally). Lastly, this may be unconventional to putting any cream on your face, but instead of rubbing it on your face or smoothing it with your hands, take moisturizer in your hands and pat your entire face, it is just like dabbing cream near your eyes to not aggravate wrinkles. What rubbing does over time is create mini wrinkles in your face because you recreate the same movements. Me being Asian, I have noticed that a lot of Asian women follow this procedure and my mother swears by it and frankly, for someone that is 50, her skin looks youthful. What I am currently using is moisturizer with SPF 15 and the Toner by Be Fine Food Skin Care. The toner has ginger and willow bark as their main ingredients. The moisturizer has rosemary, pomegranate and rice. It has natural properties and ya, my skin looks more "youthful" in a weird way it makes my skin look firmer and I can't notice a lot of the wrinkles on my face. I hope this helps!
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any products that cause the skin to peel or exfoliate heavily can leave it more vulnerable to the sun's damaging rays. This is what causes the premature aging.
I agree, the products that you are using are too harsh. Look for products with the toxic free symbol on them or pure pigment cosmetics. I have found that the website contains excellent products that pack your skin with vitamins and things that help your skin and at the same time do not contain harsh chemicals like alcohol, propylene glycol, parabins, etc. It is definitely worth a look and they have a 100% money back guarantee. They worked for me and are very reasonably priced.
Be cautious with what you put on your skin! be an ingredient detective!
Experts say the effective age of your skin is directly related to the amount of moisture in the cells of your skin. So wrinkles are a sign of poor hydration of skin cells because rather than being round and bouncy (like when you are a baby), they are flatter and get use to the same movement (eg. laughter lines). The key is to rehydrate your skin, most products are oil based which may make your skin look and feel younger, but isn't actually anti-aging, so putting lost moisture into your skin should make it bounce back. A new product line from Mannatech is water based and clinical studies have shown 80% improvement in hydration the first time you use it!! then after 8 weeks of use, 100% improvement. Also 32% improvement in wrinkles. The key to this amazing new product line is the water. The special water is filtered in a certain way which means it enters cells quicker, it leaves cells quicker (detoxifies) and is an anti-oxidant (oxidation is related to aging). A quick google search should bring up enough info. It's not out in England until September
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Hi, I am new here.

Guess i am the only one using Asian skincare product...
If your skin looks like it's wrinkled, the chances are you are correct with your products being harsh for one, but you need to drink more water. Your body will reflect on your skin, what is going on with-in. Use high SPF when in the sun, tanning makes the skin wrinkle later in life. I LOVE "Time Reversal" lotion by Jeune Peau, it is all natural and all the ingredients are for rejuvenating the skin. It doesn't just plump or temporarily "fix" a problem, it nourishes the skin so that your skin repairs itself. My 2 cents.
Be very careful on what skin care products you are using. Go for natural ones, herbal.... they are safer
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