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Hi all, long time lurker it here

I recently came back home from a weeklong vacation in Cuba. Hung out on the beach a lot and swam in the ocean every day. Loved it. What I don't love are my ugly raccoon eyes and burnt forehead and nose.

I'm bi-racial, with the same skin tone as actress Thandie Newton. I tend to get darker quite easily however I've never been as dark as I am now. I believe the retin-a micro 0.04% I've been using since last sept made my skin much more skin sensitive than it normally is. I was using a physical based sunscreen but I was constantly rubbing my nose and forehead because of the salt water.

I need to know how I can undo the damaged I caused. I hate blotchy, uneven skin and this is really bothering me. Maybe photofacials? Please help!!

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