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I usually don't have a lot of trouble with acne, but lately my face has looked horrible. I use stridex usually, the kind with the gel on top, and i use both the pad and the gel.

my skin looks VERY oily in these pictures, but in real life i usually have more problems with it being too dry

anyway..first, there's this unsightly bump right between my eyes that is very raised and feels very much like a pimple but will not pop.

then, there's my hairline.

in between nose and lips:

and chin:

i dont know why i'm suddenly breaking out but i hate it! any suggestions for any or all of the areas pictured?

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I looks like cystic acne to me.
Maybe hormones? Some girls use the BCP just to handle acne.
Stridex might be drying your skin out and then it tries to compensate by making more oil.
La Roche-Posay makes a line called Effaclar that I like for acne. it doesn't dry out the skin or make it red.
Or maybe a prescription is in order for an antibiotic like tetracycline or a topical like Retin-A or Finacea.

Hope you find something to help!


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Hi begone,

Like Fawnie said, maybe it's just hormonal problem! It might also be an allergy to something you have eaten ..Sometimes, I developed pimples when I eat lots of chocolates or fizzy drinks, etc. Try using a good face wash that will help clear your spots. Neutrogena and clean & clear both have good face wash for spots. Try keeping your skin clean by washing it twice a day and also avoid touching skin as far as possible as this will only irritate it further. Lastly , try not to stress too much about the spots, I am sure it will get better soon.

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Treatment of acne:
Specific treatment for acne will be determined by your physician based on:
your age, overall health, and medical history
severity of the acne
your tolerance for specific medications, procedures, or therapies
expectations for the course of the condition
your opinion or preference

The goal of acne treatment is to minimize scarring and improve appearance. Treatment for acne will include topical or systemic drug therapy. Depending upon the severity of acne, topical medications (applied to the skin) or systemic medications (taken orally) may be prescribed by your physician. In some cases, a combination of both topical and systemic medications may be recommended.

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Topical medications to treat acne:

Topical medications are often prescribed to treat acne. Topical medication can be in the form of a cream, gel, lotion, or solution.
Examples include:

benzoyl peroxide\t ---- kills the bacteria (P. acnes)
antibiotics ---- helps stop or slow down the
growth of P.acnes and reduces inflammation
tretinoin\t ---- stops the development of new acne lesions
(comedones) and encourages cell turnover,
unplugging pimples
adapalene ---- decreases comedo formation

Systemic medications to treat acne:

Systemic medications, or oral antibiotics, are often prescribed to treat moderate to severe acne, and may include the following:

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