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If you suffer from oily skin, herbal beauty treatments can come in very handy for reducing shine, while still caring properly for your delicate facial skin.

Oily skin needs care so that you are less prone to spots. The bonus of oily skin is that it ages more slowly than dry skin, so although it can be a nuisance having a shiny nose, you can be comforted by the thought that you'll be less susceptible to wrinkles.

A change to your routine
The secret of caring for oily skin is scrupulous attention to cleanliness. Avoid soap if possible, as this initially dries your skin but will then stimulate it to produce more oil, exacerbating the problem. Mix some fine oatmeal with warm water to make a paste and use this instead of soap; it will cleanse your skin thoroughly and leave your skin soft. It is worth remembering that even oil skin still needs a gentle moisturizer.

Causes of oily skin
There are several factors that tend to cause oily skin. It can be hereditary - this is an easy cause to pin down as you need only look at other female members of your family to see whether they suffer from the same problem. Hormonal changes, such as puberty and pregnancy, can also adversely affect your skin, as can birth-control pills. A mild adverse reaction to certain cosmetics or skin-care products is anotehr common cause.

Toxin blockages
Taking good care of your skin doesn't just mean applying lotions and potions -- you must take care from the inside too.

Oily skin can be radically worsened by eating an inadequate an unhealthy diet, so plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables si essential in resolving the problem and keeping the balance. Your skin is an organ of respiration, so try not to eat too much junk food that leaves you feeling sluggish. If you reduce the amount of toxins that you put in your body, your skin won't need to work so hard to remove them, resulting in skin that looks healthy and feels soft and supple. You should also try to drink plenty of water each day to flush your system out and keep it work well.

Herbs for oily skin:
Vervain - taken as a tincutre, vervain helps to relax you and eases the symptoms of stress and depression that commonly cause the delicate balance of the skin to be knocked off kilter. Your skin is a powerful barometer of your emotions.

Chamomile - is soothing for all types and is particularly useful if your skin is sensitive. You can make a spritzer, or you can make a chamomile infusion and create your own toner using a mixture of one part chamomile and one part witch hazel. Make a chamomile tea and allow the steam to cleanse your skin and open your pores.

Lemongrass - can be added with water to fine, raw oatmeal to make a facial scrub that will cleanse your skin and leave it feeling wonderfully soft, fresh and tingly. Use a small amount however - add a teaspoon of the herb to a pint of water before strai9ning, then add enough of the liquid to fine oatmeal to make a thick paste.

Lemon - A natural astringent, lemon works both on the inside and outside of your body. Drink juice or tea made with fresh lemons to detoxify your system, to clear your skin, and to help pep up your inner vital organs. Grate a very small amount of lemon rind to add to a facial scrub for glowing skin.

Rosemary - this common herb is particulary good for both oily skin and greasy hair. You can use it in a facial scrub as an alternative to lemongrass. You could also infuse a few sprigs of rosemary in hot water, then keep in the fridge to use as a toner or a hair rinse for clear skin and healthy, shiny hair.

Lavender - acts as an astringent and antiseptic. Soak lavender flowers in boiling water, then strain and keep the liquid in the fridge for a day. In summer you can put the cooled lavender water in a spritzer and mist your face with it to cool down and keep your skin feeling fresh.

Witch Hazel - wonderful as a toner, witch hazel refreshes skin and acts as a natural antiseptic to prevent spots. Witch hazel is readily available in liquid form, and you can use a cotton ball to swipe your face with it.

Apple and chamomile face pack:
If you have a problem with oily skin, you might find it helps to regularly use a homemade apple and chamomile face pack. This past makes an excellent skin cleanser by thoroughly removing all dirt and gently getting rid of dead skin and blackheads. Use your face pack immediately to get the full benefits of its fresh ingredients.

1 apple
1/2 ounce of chammomile flowers
1 tsp honey
Handful of fine, raw oatmeal

1 liquidize the apple, chamomile flowers and honey
2 stir this mixture into enough fine oatmeal to create a smooth consistency
3 apply to your face, making sure to avoid your eyes and lips and leave it on for about 5 minutes
4 wash off with warm water. You can finish off by toning your skin with witch hazel.

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I am living proof....the more bad you put into your body, the more oily you'll be. When I quit skin really calmed down (although when the toxins were leaving my it was havoc). I've noticed the more healthy I get and strict I am with what goes into my body, the less oily I am....hence I'm still oily, but I do notice a difference.

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Here's a mask that I have:

Oily SK


- 200 ml (7oz) of yogurt

- 2 drops of menthol oil

- juice of 1 lemon

- 1 1/2 teaspoons of inactive yeast

- 1 potato

Peel a potato and place it in a bowl of water. Let it stay there for a couple of hours.

You will need 2 teaspoons of this water. Mix in all the ingredients and add those 2 tablespoon of "potato water".

Apply to skin, let it rest for 20-30 min and rinse with luke warm water.
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