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Hey i am new here. I am interested in skin care products as I am obsessed with how I look! C'mon, everyone likes to look and feel good =]

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Hi welcome to the forums. I bet you'll find that alot of us here are obsessed too
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Hello I'm a newbie too. Just wanted to say Hi!
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thanks, your all a friendly bunch

I have come on today to find that my statistics say i only have 2 posts when i have posted more than that? does my opinion not count??

edit: sorry it just annoys me that some of my posts were deleted and there is no inbox message to tell me why, have i broken some rules?
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Hi Britesmile. Welcome to SCT. I don't remember deleting any of your posts. Do you know which ones were deleted?
I wrote a one about a product I bought my mum. I swear by it and just wanted to let people know and talk to others who used it. Restorelite. its ok, sorry about my tantrum ill post a new discussion about it ...

Thanks for making me welcome all, x
Hi Bianca!
I would like to check that restorelite out for myself. Infrared technology has been around for a long time and as far as I know there are no harmful side effects from it. If you order it online make sure it is from Dr. Dougal. Cheap Chinese knock-offs hit the net pretty quickly if something seems like it's gonna' fly. Just don't expect miracles. This whole industry is primarily marketing and the bigger, better brand. There are some effective helpers out there for us but you would be surprised to find out just how much private labeling is going on in the cosmetics sector. Many brands are identical other than the labeling and marketing...and price, of course. As for the light, if you do try it please let us know what your result is.
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