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Good evening!

Im a virgin skincare user and found this site whilst looking for treatment for my Chloasma. I had this awful condition for around ten years but was unaware of what it was for at least five of the ten years.

After finding out what it was i searched endlessly for a cure and apparentley 'there is none'. Being a Paramedic i thought i may be able to ask Drs in work for their advice but again no joy, half had no idea of what i was talking about.

Today after years of researching ive had Amelan treatment, it cost a staggering £800 and after 11 hours of poo like face pack i am now sitting here feeling like ive washed my face with cheap soap and am looking VERY red.

If anyone else out there has had the same treatment it'd be nice to hear from you. I would like to know if your face pack was applied evenly, looked like poo and made your face as red as a baboons bumpton!?!

Regards Al xxx
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