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I am new here & really should have introduced myself prior to jumping in and posting so please excuse my manners.

My facial skin,
I am a male who lives in Philadelphia, PA in the United States. I care about my skin and don't really have much skin damage from the sun as far as I know but have a few wrinkles between the eyes at the bridge of the nose & a three spider veins on the side of the nose all of which i believe came from internel stress to my skin because I am a FORMER smoker, big chewing tobacco chewer and also a drinker,(for about a 5 year period).

What I use
I currently use a physical mineral based sun block every day by Jason w/ a spf 30 & use a gentle vegtable soap & a dry brush once a dayon my face & just began facial exercises about 3 weeks ago & a product which I may discontinue with DMAE, Vitamin c ester & alpha lipoic acid by Revia

Why I am here
I am here to learn ( and am doing so from u guys so thank u) and contribute in any way I can as small as it may be & maybe make a friend or two and hopefully get a few laughs during the process.
A little about me
Below ( am uncomfortable for me since I am an introvert by nature) are some of my interest & I explained a little about my background simply so the community can get to know me & in case anyone wanted any friendly, free guidance u can simply pm me. I hope in sharing my interest and experience I don't appear as a "know it all" because I am FAR FROM IT & if don't know an answer I simply say so. My availability may change, but as of now I am here.

The areas are psychology which includes a masters degree and 15 years of experience working w/ adults & children in the field.

karate which I trained in competevely including tournaments for over 20 years earning and earned a black belt.

weight training, diet and nutrition and my particular faith Christianity (by the way I am one of FAR FROM PERFECT ones & also one of the NON JUDGEMENTAL ones) all of which I studied & participated in various ways extensively for countless hours-- without going into detail.

Once again, I am sharing a little about myself so u folks can get to know me a bit about me if for some reason by chance someone needs guidance.

Glad to be here!
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