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Hi just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Irene I am currently in college for my associates in graphic design. I'm engaged to a really great guy, we have one kitty named Ziggy, a guinea pig named Ginger and a leopard gecko named Munchie. I joined this forum to learn more about how take care of my skin. Mostly in my preteens I had great skin I always recieved compliments on it. But when I turned 16 I started smoking cigarettes and boy did I pay for it among other problems I stared to develop severe acne then cystic acne. I have tried mostly over the counter products, proactiv and they had no reaction. But since then I have quit smoking and I have been trying natural products like chinese herbs and a line which containes AHAs which is a great combination. I noticed a dramatic difference when using those together. Although my acne did get worse before it got better I hear that's normal? I used those for about a year and decided just to try something different so now I am currently using Murad products. I notice a slight difference already but we'll see how that goes. I hope to post before and after pictures if it's a great deal of difference. well nice to meet everyone!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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