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Hi! Newbie needs help!

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I have been reading your forum and found useful information. Since I have a new skin problem that recently developed, I needed some help about Dermotologica products.
This is a very upsetting thing for me since I have never had any serious skin problems before, but having mature skin I am experiencing new and upsetting things. My skin has become very red and dry. I was having some redness on my cheeks and always had dry skin. It just seems that in the past few days the redness is all over my face except for the eye area and nothing is helping. Actually, it looks like a sunburn but without the burn part and there is a spot on my chin that is very dry. It doesnt itch or burn but I cannot even put aloe vera gel on it. I have been applying an oatmeal mixture using water and that is the only thing that seems to help, but not with the redness.
I checked the Dermotologica site and noticed they have some products that help with redness and sensitive skin but I just wondered if anyone here has ever used it or know of anyone who has.
One of my daughters is an anesthetican (bad spelling) and advised me to check their products out.
I am very upset and do not even want to go out, even though I know in a few days I need to. I wish someone had told me a few yrs back what to expect or what could possibly occur in mature skin.
Well, this is a bit long but I am so lost and this has even brought me to tears.
Thank you for any help or information you can offer.
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Do you think that maybe the redness is caused by eczema or maybe another skin condition. I think you should have a doc check it out first to make sure it is nothing serious.
City Angel, I am an esthetician and I went to a school that used Dermologica products, so I have been HIGHLY trained with Dermologica. Let me ask you a few questions to start off.

First, did this redness occur after you started using the Dermologica products or before?

Had you put anything on your fact that might of cause this sensitivity that you are having?

Would you say that your skin is sensitive to products normally?

You say that you are NOT itching?? If this is correct then I wouldn't think that you had excema, because ezcema also know as dermatitis will itch, in most cases.

If you want to send me a message do so and I can futher help you along.

If you have sensitive skin the Ultra Calming face wash would be good for you along with Skin Smoothing Cream (moisturizer).
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Also sounds like it could be Rosacea. Can you give us more details?
Do not use an at home oatmeal mixture on your skin!!! It is going to irritate it even more!
Thank you all for replying. First, I cannot afford to go to a doctor, otherwise I would have gone. So, now I am trying to do the best I can.
Today, when I woke up, it seemed better, yet still red. The only difference is that there are these white little bumps but not whiteheads. This is starting to remind me of the texture skin has after bad sunburn including the little bumps.
I was able to put some aloe vera on it and it was fine.

The Dermologica Sensitized Kit has:
Soothing Protection Spray
UltraCalm Cleanser
Barrier Repair
total eye cream

Then I saw this product called Gentle soothing booster.
The reason I thought the kit would be helpful was that it has a few items to try at a decent price. The Booster seemed that it would help the redness.

I have never used Dermotologica before. There have been a few times that certain moisturizers would not be compatible with my skin but I have never had this type of reaction to anything. I was using Elizabeth arden ceramide products for many years, then had to stop due to financial reasons. So I found the L'oreal line worked well. Till this past week, i was not having problems like this. Like i said I did have slight redness and extra dryness, but nothing like now.

The only reason I used the oatmeal stuf, was that it seemed to help, but I am not using it now. The dryness seems worse but I think it is due to teh fact that I have not been able to use anything.

Thank you again for replying and help.
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Also sounds like it could be Rosacea. Can you give us more details?
I agree that is SOUNDS like it....but it could be a number of many things can have the same symptoms....but be different, depending on a certain symptom withing. ....when you first started describing it, that's exactly what popped into my mind.

And being an exzema sufferer myself....yes exzema flare ups do mad! Mine rarely flares up, but when it does....ARGGGG!

As for what dtilford, it would be smart to maybe PM her and talk with her about it. There are several things it could be, but it takes some questions and such, like she said.

Here are a couple things I looked up....but I'm not a professional....and highly suggest seeing a professional (I know you said you dont' have the money....but like dtilford with her a bit more about it):
Rosacea flare-up usually begins with flushing of the face, most noticeable the nose and cheeks. This facial redness is the most obvious symptoms. Other problems cited are dry skin, itching, with burning and stinging sensations. Signs to look for are facial redness, visible damaged blood vessels, bumps and pimples, irritated eyes and, in severe cases, enlarged nose.

Such a chronic and hereditary skin disorder can be further aggravated by external sources such as sunlight, extreme hot or cold temperatures, spicy foods, alcohol as well as physical and mental stress.

OR this:

Redness Redness is most common in those with fair, sensitive skin. To diminish the red, Dr. Debra Wattenberg, a Dove Advisory Council dermatologist, suggests this pro treatment: Apply a cool compress soaked in milk that is diluted with water to the affected area, then smooth on a cream that contains a soothing botanical extract such as chamomile or lavender ( careful treating anything unless you are sure what it it could have opposite effects). Both have anti-reddening properties.

Rosacea "Rosacea -- characterized by a red flush across the cheeks and nose that's sometimes accompanied by acne -- is a genetic condition, but it can be controlled," says Dove Advisory Council dermatologist Debra Wattenberg. "Avoid spicy foods, red wine, and caffeine, which can cause flare-ups. And don't rely on over-the-counter cortisone products, which might temporarily normalize redness, but won't control the situation in the long run. See your dermatologist to design a personalized regimen."

Rough Skin Patches Caused by environmental influences -- especially extreme cold or dry air -- rough skin patches are very common and easily treatable. Dr. Rachel Grossman, RoC skincare expert, suggests switching to a moisturizer specially formulated for dry skin, and applying it day and night to balance your complexion. Don't spot treat rough areas as doing so might hamper the natural balancing process.​
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Google the term "Lupus" as well. I'm not saying that's what it is but there is a butterfly-shaped red patch across the nose and cheeks that often accompanies symptoms of Lupus.
Also, if you'd like to more about a certain product, try epinions.
Hi City Angel. I would like to help you. First of all let me say that I had also used Elizabeth Arden products religiously until I came across a miracle anti-aging product I was very sceptical at first because I had tried everything and then I found my secret which I kept to myself for a long time. Until recently I have decided that I should share this with others. These products will help you and you can stop worrying about cost because it is very affordable. Once I get familiar with your unique skin care I can help you clear up the issue you are having. Feel free to email me at [email protected]
Google the term "Lupus" as well. I'm not saying that's what it is but there is a butterfly-shaped red patch across the nose and cheeks that often accompanies symptoms of Lupus.
Huh...never knew that. My mom's got Lupus, I'm gonna have to study her face next time. She she's got some pinkish undertones like it's hard to tell. We both get pink pretty easy and are sensitive.....huh, now I'm gonna be staring at her face for the "butterfly" - HE HE HE
i don't think you should use dermalogica. that stuff has a lot of chemicals and preservatives and i found it to be drying and rather harsh. The soothing booster stings! is your skin still oily even though you have dryness and redness? or do you have little bumps? the important thing is figuring out if this is eczema or rosacea. they each need totally different handling.
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