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hi there!

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Hello to everyone on the forums! I just joined today because I've been on the search for honest reviews on skin care products. I find that forums are usually the most unbiased. Hope to make some friends
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Hi there Diva. Welcome to the site. I'm pretty new to the site as well. I came across it while looking for info on a particular product. I live in Australia and tap away late at night. It's just after midnight here.
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thank you gals for the warm welcome. The people on this forum seem very friendly
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Hey Diva,
Your right, The people are friendly.
I'm from Australia and have just endured a heat wave. The hottest on record. It's been so hot and humid I haven't bothered with any face creams etc for days now. My face is all shiny & wet
most of the time. Maybe someone knows of good skin care for this kind of weather? It's been 45-47 for most of this week. If you're in another part of the world I think it means about 110 and higher.
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Hi Galin,

You must be from Melbourne or Adelaide. I am from Brisbane and it has been raining and cool for the last week. Go figure!!

Is is usually Brisbane that cops all the heat.

Hope things are cooling down a bit today for you.
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Hey Petal, you guessed it. I'm from Melbourne. It is a bit cooler today but everyone is still recuperating. I used to live in Brisbane but after the last few days I don't think I'd survive up there anymore.
Rain! Sounds marvelous!
Hi Petal, After enduring the heat wave, I'm now in sub zero temperatures! I've come to the US to visit family. Now my face is red and angry from the freezing winds. I must say I'm enjoying the cold though. I hear there are bushfires and more heat waves back home. Really sad, lots of homes lost and people dead.
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