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Hello SCT Friends,

I am glad to have "happened upon" your message board.

Alittle about my skin history:

My skin has usually been my ally. But about a year ago, it started breaking out horribly. I knew this was because I had discontinued the use of hormonal birth control. I was angry and wished I'd never touched the stuff. I now travel the country speaking out against hormonal birth control--not really, but that's how I feel about it!

Anyway, I knew that the breakout phase would eventually pass and it did after about 6 months. It was an emotionally unsettling time for me. If anyone is reading this and is going through this, one thing that helped me out while I was in the breakout phase was the elimination of animal milk products. That didn't stop it, but it lessened it. Too bad I didn't discover this until the last few months of breaking out.

So now my skin is not breaking out but I have so many marks left from the acne. It is saddening to know that my skin was pretty flawless before all this and now it is marked up something awful. And guess what else? It is extra sensitive to boot! This is new. My skin has never been this sensitive before. I don't know what gives, but because of the sensitivity I cannot use many products that could help me fade these acne marks. I just pray and ask God to help me deal with it while I have to.

So me finding this board was a result of my desperation and copious internet searches for how to "fix" my skin. With all that said, I am happy to be here!
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