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hi there everyone
i'm nikki!

i've been looking at some new creams for myself and a male friend of mine, all your help would be greatly appreciated!

i am currently using the following products:

dermalogical: microfoliant/face (very very good! i had instand results with this)

olay: day cream with spf/face

lanopearl: night cream and eye cream/face

i'm thinking about switching to a new night cream and eye cream, i have normal skin, more oily than dry and i am 20 yrs old with regular visits in the sun lol so i have a few lines around my eyes and brow line i'd like to get rid of but cant make up my mind on which cream to purchase? on a eye cream max i'd spend is $100 and face cream max $150

i'm thiking of purchasing the payot range, are there any reviews on this product? they use it at the salon i get my photo rejuvenation done (i must say this is the best thing i culd have ever done for my skin! i have acne scaring and pigmetation and in only 2 visits i have notice such a great improvment in the texture of my skin!)

i look forward to hearing from everyone!! thanx
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