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lol ok i have tried the garlic before and it didnt leave burn marks but it stung realllllly bad though i did notice the few spots i applied it, my zits dried up like super fast. ive also tried the turmeric and be very careful to dilute it with SOMETHINg and put a very small dosage in because it will literally turn your skin A BRIGHT yellow that will probably freak you out.
some masks i like:
honey (drips though to you have to be careful and use a towel at all times to catch the drips. oh and it moisterizes and reduces acne)
milk of magnesia (reduces oil production)
yogurt (lactic acid to gently exfoliate and moisterize)
green clay and water (can find green clay powder at whole foods)
egg white (tightens pores)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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