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How good is Tae Bo?

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How good is Tae Bo, when used in moderation, good for weight loss? Do you know anyone who's lost weight from this? What were their experiences?
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Mushi, I too was wondering what is Tae Bo, so I googled it and I found few videos, one call Tae Bo bootcamp 30 min. and another 10 min. it seems to be fun!
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Freddy, I'm looking for a winter car, did you sell it? what kind of transmission? I'm looking for an automatic. If it's around the price of what I paid for my Quasar SP mayb we could do a trade, what do you think?
There is a lot of snow here in Ottawa, so that means a lot of salts on the streets, you try to preserve your car from rust by having another car just for Winter.
Not a lot of us can afford a second car! That was more popular in the 80's when gaz was really cheap, if I can recall 35 cent a gallon? Also need parking for it. If I get a Winter car, it will become my Summer car
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Mireckca, how long have you been in Canada? I know Toronto it's much milder weather and don't receives as much snow that we get in Ottawa, and Quebec city gets at least 2x if not 3x as much as we get! Strange isn't it?
and that is only 4 to 5 hours drive.
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