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How good is Tae Bo?

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How good is Tae Bo, when used in moderation, good for weight loss? Do you know anyone who's lost weight from this? What were their experiences?
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The key to weight loss is a proper diet. It doesn't matter if you workout 5 times a week but if you eat garbage you're not going to lose weight. However, I have clients that have lost weight without doing a single mile of jogging.
Yes, I work as a model and a personal trainer. That picture is yours truly. Banme has another picture of me on her avatar.
No, I met Banme here actually.

I don't model for one particular company as I'm signed with a modeling agency in Toronto. I've done work for well over a dozen different companies - runway, music videos, and print. I don't work too hard actually hehehe. I do competitive bodybuilding, which I think is harder to prepare for, but the modeling is a bit more prestigous.
If you want to know the agency, pm me. I'd rather not spill all my beans on a public forum.
It's definately fun stuff. It's really cool to see how you see yourself and then how a finished product looks and you think, "wow, that's me."

I workout 4 times a week for about 45 minutes each time. We got hard on those 45 minutes though. Usually straight sets only have two minutes rest in between and we do lots of supersets with no rests inbetween each excercise and a minute at the end of each set. So we're in and we're out but don't talk too much.

It's funny because we go in to the gym and there's people there and we finish and the same people are still there.
We as in my training partners and my own trainer. (Yes, I am a personal trainer but I also have my own trainer). I don't really spend time with other models, since my agency is in Toronto and I'm from Ottawa 4 hours away.

I do streght training which is weight lifting. I only do cardio when I'm cutting for a photoshoot or a competition.
It's just a matter of applying yourself. If you really want it, then you'll do it. If you cant' do it, you never really wanted it. Know what I mean?
so coming back to the topic, I beleive that tae bo will help you lose the weight, but you need proper diet and do tae bo 3-4 times per week. I lost about 30 pounds on tae bo, I really enjoyed doing it so I sticked to it.

Freddy: you look fantastic!!!!
Thank you for the compliment, very much appreciated.
When I get my website going and offer what I call "Distance Training," I'll hook up SCT members with a free month or something.
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Speaking of which, I had someone look at my winter car today, hopefully he goes for it. It will make things much easier when I go purchase my next car.
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