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Exactly 2 years ago I had a tan on my arms and they were in the NC 35-40 range.My face was a NC30 . After someone remarked I had a "nice tan" I figured out I had to do something about it.

First of all Cover up ! All the sunscreen in the world will NOT prevent a tan . I can go out literally one day to the beach lather myself up in sunscreen and become NC 30 again within 3-4 hours of sun exposure.This requires commitment Yes for the beach I wear UPF 50+rash guard long shirts and tights, Carry a coolibar UPS 50+ thin swim coverup and thin sweaters at ALL TIMES even in the heat.

For the Face carry a parasol , huge sunhat (not straw) and for driving I use a asian driving face shield and horse riding gloves on my hands. Yes this is all extreme and people think there is something wrong with my head but guys if you want results...this is what I needed to do. LOL

Sunscreen on my face from 8AM-8PM as I think it helps in incidental exposure even inside sunny offices buildings . Outside my arms and legs are always covered up .I use very high zinc and sometimes layer with a european chemical sunscreen like la roche posey, avene or bioderma. I think i have 20 different types in my cabinet and after all experimentation the one that works well are shiseido babies n children. The white cast is strong but it blends in my skin within a few mins.

I started off with exfoliating my arms and legs with a 25% TCA peel once it peeled off I started occluding with a mix of GG, Dodo, GG and dodo Oils IKB and neoporosone serum. for occlusion i used just a long shirt with polyester sleeves and workout tights. I would take a hot shower twice a day then put on a generous amount of cream and put on my shirt and tights. after a few hours I changed in whatever i wanted but just 2-4 hours of putting on creams this way helped a lot.

For the hands I just put on the cream mix in the morning then wore gloves over it for a few hours then did the same overnight.i.e occlude for 2 hours then leave the cream on overnight one day a week i would just put on Nivea lotion and occlude the same way for skin building.

It took around 6 months to get to NC 15 shade on my arms. I also used Glutathione which might have helped it get to a NC5-10 tone which they are now. My face is slow as it is NC 15 shade now and still 2 shades darker than my arms and hands. Maybe because I can't occlude it as well as rest of the body although I am experimenting with occluding it with asian face masks at night and it is showing good results.
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