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How is my skincare routine?

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Below is my facial skincare routine. Tell me what you think of it, and make any suggestions as to how I could improve it.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleanser
Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer
Loreal Makeup Foundation (which contains an SPF)

Everyday other day, I scrub with St. Ives scrub.

Every weekend, I use Mint Julep Mask to keep my acne at bay (I do occassionally get acne)

So, how does this sound? Does it look like I could improve anything?
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Do not scrub you skin, too abrasive
Try the oriki rejuvenating cream, mild daily exfoliation is better. It helps prevent breakout
See your doc and get a medicated makeup when you have acne
Try the Neutrogena mask for acne
Hello-I am an esthetician!!!! My opinion on your skin care routine is....
Get rid of everything BUT the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer, your foundation is ok as well. Don't ever scrub your face with St. Ives, you will be better off using a wash cloth to exfoliate.
Wait, why do you think I should get rid of everything besides the Clinique?

I don't have sensitive skin, btw. My skin is very thick, heavily pigmented.
your steps are the same as Proactiv. I would trust Proactiv more cause i had really bad, bad acne and proactiv help controls breakouts.
Because the products you are using are crap!!! You never want to put anything on your face that has rough exfoliating beads like St. Ives, especially if your skin is heavly pigmentated. St. Ives is going to do the following to your skin: created small micro tears damaging your skin and more than likely creating more hyperpigmentation.
I have followed the steps listed below with a skin care line called INTUIT BEAUTY and I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with the positive changes in my skin. From evening out my skin tones, putting that healthy glow, keeping breakouts to a minimum and even diminishing the crows feet that have started. Here are the steps and products I feel are important to healthy and glowing skin

1.Cleansing with sulfate free products.Easy Going
Sulfates can irrintate and damage your skin, this will accelerate the aging process.
2.Resurfacing – this is crucial to radiant, clearer skin. Glycolic acids, retinol
and matrixyl peptides are examples of ingredients for resurfacing.
I use Crystal Ballevery other day andFake ID daily
3. Rebuild and repair – another very important step, once the dead layers
are exfoliated need to help the skin rebuild itself.
Drama Free and Our Little Secret daily
4.Moisturize – this helps not only soften and hydrate your skin but also
protects it from pollution, free radicals and air-borne bacteria. Anytime Anywhere
5.Suncreen – protection from the sun is a must.

Anna Ritten
Intuit Beauty Diva

email: [email protected]

Remember Aging is an option.
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Besides St. Ives, what's wrong with the other products?

Neutrogena products are highly regarded as are Mint Julep mask and Loreal.

btw, I DO NOT have sensitive skin.
I get the fact that you don't have sensitive skin, my answer to that is SO WHAT. I never assumed you had sensitive skin. You say Neutrogena products are highly regarded, by who, the ads on TV. Sweetie you have to read ingredients on the back of products and not be caught up in the advertisements that are telling you the product is this and that. Tell me a little bit about your skin and what you are trying to achieve and I can tell you more on what you need to use. Neutrogena isn't the worse thing you could use, but depending on your skin type it may not be the best either!!!
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