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I have followed the steps listed below with a skin care line called INTUIT BEAUTY and I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with the positive changes in my skin. From evening out my skin tones, putting that healthy glow, keeping breakouts to a minimum and even diminishing the crows feet that have started. Here are the steps and products I feel are important to healthy and glowing skin

1.Cleansing with sulfate free products.Easy Going
Sulfates can irrintate and damage your skin, this will accelerate the aging process.
2.Resurfacing – this is crucial to radiant, clearer skin. Glycolic acids, retinol
and matrixyl peptides are examples of ingredients for resurfacing.
I use Crystal Ballevery other day andFake ID daily
3. Rebuild and repair – another very important step, once the dead layers
are exfoliated need to help the skin rebuild itself.
Drama Free and Our Little Secret daily
4.Moisturize – this helps not only soften and hydrate your skin but also
protects it from pollution, free radicals and air-borne bacteria. Anytime Anywhere
5.Suncreen – protection from the sun is a must.

Anna Ritten
Intuit Beauty Diva

email: [email protected]

Remember Aging is an option.
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