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Hi everyone!
I’m quite new to this site and I’ve seen so many helpful comments/threads. I’ll keep everything short and sweet.

my back has always been significantly darker than the rest of my body. I’m black, my skin reference would be Kerry Washington, I’m very close to her skin tone. But my back is the same colour as whoppi Goldberg. I’m based in the U.K., so I spoke to my GP but there’s nothing that they could do for me, so I decided to purchase Caro White.

Many of my female family members use skin bleaching creams and I’ve been surrounded by it my entire life, but I never really saw a reason to use it. My family always reminded/preached to me about how BEAUTIFUL and perfect my skin is. But I need an even skin tone. After MONTHS of research and talking to family members, I decided to buy caro white. Legit caro white (it’s so hard to find)

If anyone has any advice please tell me! If you’ve ever used carowhite let me know about your experience. And if you can, please answer the question (title) thank you!
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