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Oh wow.. this is a really old thread ! lol I'm sure your hair has had plenty of time to grow out and not make you feel like a freak in public. Oh trust me, I know. I went thru this a little over two months back.

It was the same scenario.. A hairdresser who just started whacking and talking to other customers, not giving me the chance to protest till the damage was done. Even then, I had no IDEA how SHORT she cut my hair along the sides ( layers of the awful kind that made not sense!) .

Of course, if this EVER happens again, trust me I will find my voice and literally stand up to stop someone. Of course, I will also be sure and state very plainly , although I THOUGHT I did what I wanted before hand. No more ... no more.. I am still bitter LOL

Good news though.. my hair has probably grown closer to the two inch mark in two months if not a bit more. But I was proactive from the start. I started taking the vitamins that help hair, plus I had a real surplus of lumigan ordered from alldaychemist that I have started using along the top of my hair where it's shortest. ( Yea, they cut mine within an inch or two in places.. crazy!!!!!) .

I had fairly long ( bra strap length hair) that I had to go back to my normal hair stylist and she had to chop off the back and layer a bit more to balance out the short hair on top. Even then I looked like an absolute freak for the last two months and trust me, when I have people asking "what in the world happened to your hair, it's SO short".. well I know it's screwed . LOL

Normally people have made no comments on my hair over the past years other than how healthy/nice it looks. It was a huge blow to my self esteem, but I'm learning this too shall pass. By the end of summer /fall it should be in the normal range with more possibilities of styling. Add to it my hair has become wiry/curly in texture since hormonal changes of perimenopause and it's like I'm dealing with a new head of hair.

No more short hair for me I tell you.!!

BUT to the point of this post, which I was going to post about anyway. I am using the lumigan. I know it hasn't been tested for scalp use. I figure if it's fairly safe for eyes and that delicate membrane area I'm trying it on my scalp. I've been using it two weeks and my growth has already accelerated. Yes it's an expensive thing, I think I paid 12 bucks for the bottles at ADC, but I had around ten. lol

I will sacrifice these to get my hair back to normal then I will cut back gradually. Not stop suddenly so as not to introduce another drastic change to my scalp immediately. I am also walking more, turning my head upside down for blood flow and anything else I can think of . LOL

Anyone else ever tried the lumigan? Just curious.. I'm going to continue anyway, I'm hardheaded when it comes to stuff like this... but clearly I'm not the only one who thought of it. I googled and came up with this as well as others asking, but not really anyone with results. I'll post my results as I move into the more critical 6 - 16 week phase. :)
Cool! Let us know if it works!
I HATE BEAUTICIANS!!! I'm about ready to go to beautician school just so I can learn to cut and color hair so I can do my own!! Crazy! I am so sick of paying way too much $$$$$ and either having a bad haircut and great color or great color and bad cut!!
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