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I would like to share an article which I read online of how to avoid eczema.

How to avoid eczema :

Here are some tips which will help you avoid eczema. You should be strict while following these tips as prevention is always better than cure.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the skin when it becomes red

Avoid overuse of detergents and soaps especially on red and itchy skin

Stay away from the things which can cause allergies

Use gloves to protect your skin from allergic products

Avoid eating high mineral content food like ginger and onion

Avoid eating nuts, especially cashew nuts you are likely to face eczema

Stay away from cold and dry climate

Consult a physician if you frequently suffer from eczema. You can also identify and avoid the food which can cause allergies. Make sure that you consume a balanced diet under an expertâ€2122s supervision.


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*If contact eczema is a problem, always wear thin cotton gloves when doing chores that involve coming into contact with substances that may cause problems. Gloves should be worn when peeling or chopping potatoes or citrus fruit and tomatoes. However, avoid wearing rubber gloves, since they can tiger an adverse reaction if you suffer from contact eczema.
*Take great care when using scanted soap, bubble baths or body creams and lotions. Where possible, use skin-care products and cosmetics that are hypoallergenic, and make sure that new products are patchtested over a small area of skin for a few days before embarking on general use.
*Consider taking an oil of evening primrose supplement, which has a reputation for easing eczema. Oil of evening primrose may also be applied to irritated patches of skin in oil or cream form, after initially patch-testing it on a small area of skin.
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