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hi guys im 19 yrs and u cant belive i nvr tried make up, becoz I dunno abt make and i dont like so much make up
but as my frend say i shuld give a try to make up
so can u please suugest me what shuld i buy in make from which brand, plzz dont tell me very expensive brand becoz i wont buy expensive, and tell me any website there i cn learn how to put them
by the way i saw u guys wer talking abt MINERAL MAKEUP wats that:

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Here's a link to a good mineral makeup explanation and a tutorial about applying it. This brand is quite pure and doesn't have a lot of the bad chemicals that can cause irritation. So although it is a bit more expensive, it is worth it in terms of not harming your skin or making it break out (which would require even more products to treat....does that make sense?):

Mineral Makeup by Skin Rich - Home

Lumiere has samples of mineral makeup and eyeshadows and blushes that are cheap if you want to try a lot of them to find the right color, but the brand contains bismuth which is irritating to some people: Lumiere Cosmetics - Mineral Makeup.

Hope this helps!

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