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Hyperpigmentation on the chest

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Hello newbie here.

I have been informed that i have hyperpigmentation on my chest its quite large and looks awful and i've had it quite some time, i was wondering if anybody had any recommendations on how to remove it without surgery...

Thank you...
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Hi there,
I'm a newbie also. Do you know what your hyperpigmentation is from? Is it sun damage? Also, if the brown spots have a sort of dry, scaly texture you may have Confluent Reticulated Papillomatosis...that's what I was diagnosed with recently. I had it on my chest,abdomen, and under the arms for 2 years and no one could figure it out until now.
You can look up the condition through Yahoo or Google Images. I was prescribed a corticosteroid cream, but it usually goes away with Monocycline.

Hope this helps
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