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Hi guys, I came across this site by accident, but I’m really excited to be here. I’ve been battling with my knuckles for quite sometime now and never seem to do anything right, I’ve ordered all sorts of knuckle creams and peels, it works at first , but within one week, redarkens again. Is there anything I can use to fade it? It doesn’t need to be so perfect, I just wanna brighten it up. So I’m just looking for something to match my skin color, as it’s obvious my hands are darker., and it feels like it’s getting darker everyday.

I’d like to avoid peels, or i’m to use a peel, a very mild one? Any suggestions please, and also how to maintain? I read through the thread, is it okay if I use piment doux to peel and amlactin lotion to maintain? Or Only use amlactin?

also suggestions for a good face brightening cream. Or how I can even make mine? I live in Europe and I’m tired of ordering things from Nigeria . Thanks
Welcome to SCT
For starters what are you using as your lightener? If your lightening is HQ(hydroquinone) based you'd want to avoid getting the cream on your hands/knuckles. You could use latex gloves to apply the cream to the rest of your body.
Knuckles rules are quite basic yet evasive:
1. Avoid HQ on your knuckles as stated above
2. Use KA based creams/serums for your hands AT NIGHT.
Carotone bsc serum is what I use - you can type up kojic acid in the search bar and explore other options. There are tons of other natural lighteners that work and should preferentially be used on hands/feet - AHA, alpha arbutin, vitamin c, carotein etc
3. Spot treatment and occlusion - you'll have to do your own research on these and see if they're suitable options for you. Beware of occluding with very strong acids/concentrated formulas coz these will highly likely worsen the hyperpigmentation.
4. MOISTURE - I cannot emphasize this enough. Use your lighteners at night, and moisturise your hands multiple times during the day. There's never a wrong time to moisturise so even on the days when you take breaks from your lightener go ham with your moisturiser. Get a moisturiser with all the goodies - vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, extra glycerine, shea butter. The options are endless - if it locks moisture in then we want it lol
5. Avoid the sun - apply your sunblock ceremoniously especially if you're a driver/out in the sun. I also use clothes with extra long sleeves just so I can protect my hands anytime when exposed to sun.
SAP is very vital to any skin lightening regimen.
6. SUPPLEMENTS - incorporate these into your regimen for that extra shine, the best IMO are vitamin c, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, MSM, omega 3. I noticed my palms/cuticles have a nice pink hue which enhances the natural look - again do your research on these and find the best ones that will suit your needs. Good thing is they have other benefits to your health other than your skin :)

Be very careful of PEELS as these can go south real quick.
Be very careful of treatments that promise results in 5 days - the skin lightening journey in general is a slow steady path if you want to do it right

As for amlactin best thing would be to ask in the amlactin thread.
DIY threads are also many, just type them up in the search bar and you'll get tons of info. I'll link some informative threads that you can read through - in short, no single person can tell you everything you need to know.

Good luck <3



1,622 Posts
Thank you so much @chocowhite
I haven’t used HQ products in ages now. I currently use a brightening lotion that has Retinol, citric acid, etc
How’s the carotene bsc cream working for you? Do I apply it only on my knuckles, or hands in general? What spot treatment can you recommend for me? I’m basically at lost on what to use 😅

can I use carotene bsc at night? And occlude with it? And then use Shea butter for moisturizing during the day? Does carotene bsc minimally fade, or only peel? Thanks a lot
Yes you can try carotone BSC, serum to be specific (the cream has HQ so avoid it if you don't want hq in your regimen).
I wouldn't advise occluding with the serum directly; IMO it's quite concentrated and might do more harm than good.
If you're going to use it either:
1. Spot treat your knuckles with the serum at night without occlusion
2. Mix a few drops with your lotion and apply to your whole hand then occlude.
3. You can start with spot treating your knuckles until you achieve your desired result, then maintain by mixing a little of the serum with your lotion to your whole hand.
There's more ways you can use it, these aren't the only methods(hopefully other members can chip in their experiences). All in all don't occlude with direct application of the serum.

Look into KA soaps as well, they help a ton with exfoliating hard to lighten areas.
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