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I don't know what the deal is?

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Hello everyone,
I found this site from a search I did. I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I have oily/dry skin. I think I have relatively sensitive skin as well. So, I have like small bumps in T zone of face, forehead, and the temples. Mostly red, sometimes there will be a whitehead or 2. I don't know if they are pimples, acne...?? I was my face in the morning with warm water, then go run/workout. When I come back I usually just rinse my face off, when I take a shower, then sometimes I put on a moisturizer, and go about my day. My face gets really oily though, with or without moisturizer. I use though b/c sometimes I have a tight feeling in some areas. At night, I was my face with warm water and I have been using Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment on the bumps. It really doesn't seems to get better. Some days there are less bumps and some days more. I guess I should go see the dermatologist, but wanted to see if anyone had any advice. So, any advice would be fantastic. I used Oily for Sensitive skin, for a long time. Now, I use Cerva Cream prob for half a year now. Thank so much
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Hi runzen,

It sounds like you may need to add a couple steps to your regimen if you want to clear things up. From what you've said, it seems your pores may be a little clogged and irritated. I would suggest using a gentle cleanser at least once a day to really get rid of any dirt or oil. Try John Masters Rose Foaming Face Wash, it's really gentle. You're clogged pores may be due to dead skin that needs to be removed, so twice a week use an exfoliating cleanser or massage your face gently with a clean washcloth. To control shiny skin, tone tone tone!!!! I recommend a product with witch hazel or straight witch hazel, or rose or lavender water. These products help clear up problematic skin. I don't know much about Cerva Cream, but make sure you're using a light moisturizer and only apply it to the areas that feel tight.
Hang in there and know that those with oily skin have less wrinkles down the road! ; )
Oh! Also try doing a home facial steam to open up the pores. I'll post how to do this on a new thread.
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