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I don't know what the deal is?

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Hello everyone,
I found this site from a search I did. I was wondering if anyone can offer any advice. I have oily/dry skin. I think I have relatively sensitive skin as well. So, I have like small bumps in T zone of face, forehead, and the temples. Mostly red, sometimes there will be a whitehead or 2. I don't know if they are pimples, acne...?? I was my face in the morning with warm water, then go run/workout. When I come back I usually just rinse my face off, when I take a shower, then sometimes I put on a moisturizer, and go about my day. My face gets really oily though, with or without moisturizer. I use though b/c sometimes I have a tight feeling in some areas. At night, I was my face with warm water and I have been using Neutrogena on the spot acne treatment on the bumps. It really doesn't seems to get better. Some days there are less bumps and some days more. I guess I should go see the dermatologist, but wanted to see if anyone had any advice. So, any advice would be fantastic. I used Oily for Sensitive skin, for a long time. Now, I use Cerva Cream prob for half a year now. Thank so much
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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