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Im new & apologize if this is long but I dont know what to do about my skin!Im hoping to try out some "at home"remedies/over the counter treatments before having to go to the Dermatologist & I hope someone can give me some advice!! Thanks in advance!
Ok I have always taken good care of my skin(i.e never gone to bed with make-up on,always mositurized AND used sunblock etc etc)and always had "good" skin except for the maybe one or two pimples right before my period that went away almost as fast as they came.I pretty much stuck with using Neutrogena products except for a period of time when I started using Mary Kay after it was recommended to me by a Dermatologist .I LOVED the Mary Kay but had to stop using it when "my" MK Consultant moved & I had trouble finding another......I felt like a needed something more(Im in my 30's and am worrying about aging!LOL) so I then tried Perricone and after spending all that money & noticing no difference went back to Neutrogena........Flash forward to the past 6 months and I dont know what has happened but my skin is a mess!!!!!!
Im splotchy,break out constantly in the same places (usually red,painful bumps with no "head" OR little whiteheads that leave brownish spots behind)& I get oily in my "T Zone"(never used to happen) I can see my pores,I have blackheads AND I have lots of lines around my eyes where I had none previously & I dont know what to use or what to do!!!!
I used to use "Tea Tree Oil" to dry out pimples & it worked overnight but thats no longer working! Ive gone back to using Mary Kay (Timewise for Combo skin) but have noticed NO improvement!!!!!! Do I need the Dermatologist or is there anything I can try to correct this at home??
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