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I have eczema help

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I think we really need to stand up and be counted. I have seen so many people be diagnosed with eczema this year that you would think it's an epidemic. I am 43 and never had skin problems and now for the last nine months I have been dealing with a rash. The doctors say it's eczema. When I researched eczema they claim it primarily effects newborn and young kids. They claim it only affects 2% of adult population and most of them had it their whole life.
Well most of the people I talked to are in the same situation I am in. The doctors act like it's a minor inconvenience, when it feels like a death sentence.
I don't believe the medical community has any idea just how many people suffer from this awful disease and because it only affects the quality of life they are not interested in finding better drugs that don't cause cancer and better yet finding the cause and actually curing people.
Because they feel we don't exist no funding will be directed to this disease.
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You have gotten alot of correct and true answers by most of the other people responding to your question but after my experience with my son and ezema I am here to tell you it is true when my son's peditrician told me that I should only bathe my son when his smell bothered people so bad that I had nothing left to do but bathe him.
This Dr said people bathe way too much and in doing so are their own worst enemy,drying their skin out and causing more itching esp.with eczema.
When bathing,cut your regularity and use different soaps such as Ivory and Basis or Oatmeal.
The only cortisone creams that will really do the trick WILL be the ones that Dr prescribe as they will contain a higher content of cortisone than those over the counter.
Another thing that helps the itch and still gives moisture so to speak to the patch of eczema is Preparation H Cream.
Don't gasp or laugh until you try it.
You might find it worth it to go to a Allergy Specialist and get an allergy test done and see if there is something you are allergic to as was the case with my son that contributes to your eczema.
Good Luck.
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Hello Adine

So sorry to hear that there is not any significant help out there for eczema suffers. Have you tried EFT? Search the emofree site for eczema and see the wonderful results.

Hope it is of help.

Hi Adine, have you got any ideas on how your eczema started? Could it be due to a change in your diet or have you shifted house or work places recently? Here is a link to an article which lists some common causes of eczema which may help you to identify why you have eczema Why do I have eczema? | BioCutis Blog
Kathleen LeRoi
I had a case of eczema try this cream called "TRIZMICILONE" (?spelling) it comes in 5 and 10% strength. It is prescribed by the doctor. It has a steroid in it. It tells you not to apply it to your face. However I applied it in small areas and it cleared it up. Hope it helps........
You should seek professional help if you have these chronic symptoms:
*Where eczema is causing great distress in young babies or the elderly.
*If eczema is well established, severe or widespread.
*If eczema has arisen as a result of a general atopic condition and is combined with hay fever and/or asthma.
*If there are any indications of infection having developed as a result of persistent scratching breaking the surface of the skin. Signs to look out for include heat and redness, swelling and pus formation.
I have had eczema for several years now and like everyone else been to numerous dermatologists and expensive creams that have not given me any relief....I would rather try alternative methods so I started searching and trying...I have found that Noxzema also helps my eczema...Noxzema was originally developed back in the day to help eczema...if you look at the name it is NO XZEMA....(NOXZEMA) when I get really bad flare ups I soak my hands in an oatmeal bath then put Noxzema on just like a hand cream, dont wash it off. I just wanted to share with you a more natural alternative to steroids and other eczema meds that are exepensive and just dont work.
THanks for the great idea! I have excema on my hands and it is terrible in the winter. Sometimes I get so many cracks that I have bandages all over my hands! I am going to try this right away.
Ok-I see that no one has posted since my last message, but I have to write regarding Noxzema!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I bought some last night and put it on right away. My hands started to feel different within minutes. I applied more before bed. By morning, my hands were almost normal again. All day today I have had to keep feeling my hands-I simply CAN NOT BELIEVE THIS! My hands are so close to normal-I forgot what this feels like! I am at a loss for words! I was so used to dry, flaky, cracked, itchy, red, bumpy, rough nasty hands-now my hands feel great!!!! I am so excited and I just wish I had learned about this a few years ago. This is AMAZING! I never would have believed it! Such a simple solution~! Thank you for saving me!
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I have eczema, I take evening primrose oil, flax oil, and fish oil, it's helped a lot, I also use something called Borage Oil its a moisturizer that I got from Whole's Food and it stopped a lot of the itching and inflammation.
I have been dealing with this problem with my daughter since she was a baby, she is now 23. Overuse of steroid creams has caused a lot of problems with thinning of the skin and hormonal problems I believe, as this does asborb into the body.
Natural and a very healthy diet goes a long way, I also came across a natural product recently which is great for cleansing with. Its a goats milk soap for people who have sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis.
Goat's milk has a pH level that is close to our own skin's pH, making it very gentle on sensitive skin types. Just google 'billiegoatsoap' au
I have tried the steroid creams and they hardly worked anyway. My son had excema patches on his cheeks when he was a baby and I put the hydrocortisone on him and it worked well. I felt worried however, about possible side effects or long-term effects of that. Thankfully it only lasted for a few months and seems to have cleared up. (He is now 4).
The noxzema has really saved me-it is a miracle. Regarding the diet and supplement comments, I do have a very healthy diet that includes a wide variety of foods. I have been using ground flax meal almost daily for years (for the fiber and the omega fats) and I have also taken borage oil, and fish oil supplements for many years now. I started those for the a number of reasons, but not for exzema. Honestly, I have very good skin for the most part. It is just my hands and elbows that are the issue. I truly believe that my hands became a problem while working in the culinary field a few years ago. Constant use of dish sanitizers was so bad for my skin. I never gave it a thought and just used these harsh products without anything to protect my skin!
Definitely I think that that healthy diet is important, but for my exzema NOTHING worked until I tried the noxzema.
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Hi, I am new to the forum and have to try using Noxema for my hands. I have had eczema since I was born. Now it seems to be on my hands only unless I go swimming or work in the yard. I used Noxema when I was a teenager for my legs but not for eczema. The skin around my fingernails is flaky and very unsightly. Can't wait to try it. Steroids don't do anything after a while but thin and damage the skin. I still have tubes of the stuff that was supposed to be "new and improved" but aren't any better. My skin also seems to be tougher than other peoples skin. I'm going to keep reading and hope I find more great tips. Thanks
Eczema is a cutaneous affection of allergic and hereditary origin. The causes remain unknown. Nervousness can trigger this condition. There is also a form of professional eczema caused by the repeated use of strong products such as dyes, soaps, chemicals.

Soaps and detergents are alkaline products that distroy the acidic mantle of the skin. They distroy the hydrolipidic film that covers our skin (the sebum and sweat mixed together form the hydrolipidic film). A skin washed with soap loses its protection, its acidic mantle and its hydrolipidic film. In a way, the skin is naked. It takes up to 4 hrs to bring the pH of the skin back to normal, and it is in this period of time when the bacteria can enter the ostiums (named popullarly - pores, which are actually the openings of the sweat glands) - the openings of the sebacous glands - and voila - the skin gets infected and gets all the pimples, pustules, furuncules, etc
In the long run, washing even with "special" soaps can further dry and damage the skin, especially one with eczema.

Primrose oil (in capsules), rosehip oil and emu oil are all good for treating the symptoms of eczema.
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I used to be the eczema queen...seriously! I had bandages all over my hands because in the winter, my skin would crack so badly. Here's what I did....

wash and clean the area very well with a very very mild soap ...I would not even recommend dove, ivory or any of those, they actually are not very gentle to be quite honest. Use a very gentle handmade soap without frangrance if you can or essential oils only. When your skin is very dry, if you have cracks use liquid bandage will burn like hell, but it does help seal the cracks. When they are sealed, they can start to heal. Apply a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil to your skin religiously several times daily. Trust me, it's greasy , but it works. Mine wasn't caused by contact with anything at all. If you are changing diapers, using a lot of detergents and such, your hands will be worse. Use non latex gloves, or use cotton gloves.

I have followed this religiously for years, and rarely get the cracks anymore except when I stop this regimen. Steroid creams that the doctors prescribe will only thin out your skin if you use them more than a few days, which makes the skin more susceptible to cracking and bleeding. Ask me how I know...this is why and how I began making soap and skincare products 15 years ago, and even my doctors were amazed at how well my hands did.

The only times my hands get bad again is when I am making a lot of soap because I tend to test every batch and raw or fresh soap is harsh on skin until it cures (I test the lather immediately even though I know its not good for me!)
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My 8 yr old daughter developed eczema over a year ago. We tried all sorts of creams from dermatologist prescribed cortisone creams to various home remedies. One evening I asked my husband who was at a business meeting to stop by the chemist to get some cream for my daughter who had a flare up. He was at a meeting with a pharmacist who suggested he try Canesten. Yes, Canesten for vaginal thrush!!! I laughed at it but tried it non the less and behold it eased the itching and burning and my daughter fell asleep immediately. The next morning it looked better and I applied more. By the time my daughter came home from school it started clearing and was cleared within 2 days.

So my suggestion is give it a try and see if it works for you!!!!
I have two questions-
first, to teb--what is ACV? I want to try it.

I am still getting some relief from Noxzema, but I have developed a couple of small patches on my fingers, so perhaps the effect was only short-term.

I also am curious as to what mamahuana wrote--regarding fasting. I would like to hear more about your fast. What exactly do you do?

Thanks to everyone for the intersting and helpful posts.
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i don't have eczema but i do have psoriasis. i got it about 3 years ago. i tried everything over the counter, cocoa butter, gold bond healing cream, i even tried triamcinolone that is a steroid cream. i too do not want to use steroids because they tend to thin the skin and i was running out of ideas. my girlfriend told me to try MUAC rosehips hibiscus scar cream. i did and after the first application my lesions looked so much better. i have been using it now since december and my psoriasis hasn't gone away but it is so much better.
i know it is a scar cream and it is taking a long time to work but i have had such good results with this than anything else. i use it sparingly twice a day and only use it on my lesions. i don't know why it helps or how but i just know it does. psoriasis and eczema are both horrible. i have lesions down my back, both arms and legs and on my stomach. they are nasty looking. i hope you can try this cream, it really has done wonders for me.
I went to myskin. Looks like its a closed community on skincare, intrigued! How do I get to access this site. I've left my email for them to contact me too...
I've heard about witch hazel, but not the others. Site was down for me too.
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