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I need skin care help!

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I hope this forum lives up to its name, because I need some professional help! I'm at my wits end trying to select anti-aging products to use and need some guidance. What is actually effective at getting rid of crows feet, bags, and wrinkles!?
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lol...i wouldn't want to ruin the forum's reputation. And i'm no professional.
Anti wrinkle and anti aging is a huge topic that does not seems to progress very well.
Other than trying dermabrassion and skill peel, i suggest u research on using pearl powders. It's an oriental ingredient.
It depend very much on your skin types to select the appropriate anti-aging products.

Actually , in additional to the outside factor, we need to aware also the inside factor affecting our skin look. What we eat is definitely have a great effect on our skin.

Any Happy Day to All of You !!
Sunscreen w/ a minimum of SPF 15, healthy diet and lots of water. I'd suggest you to consult a dermatologist before trying any products. A few a good including Obagi, Kinerase but they're quite expensive, a good doctor can recommend the right product for your type of skin.
Sunscreen is definitely a girls best friend. Make sure that you are using an SPF of at least 17 on your face. As far as antiaging products go; I've been using a fabulous line for the past few months and it has been working wonders. If you are interested it is called the Newtox Treatment Line and can find out more information about it at If you are looking for something more traditional there is always Strivectin or Obagi
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If you are concerned with anti-aging the best thing to do is find a great place to have regular facials! The massage, stimulation, hydration etc from the facial is what will keep the muscles in your face nice and firm, as well as replenish the skin of the natural oils it looses as we get older.
Try to avoid facials that include steaming. Steam does help open up the pores for easy blackhead removal, but that is probably the only benefit to it. Using steam acutally depletes the skin of water, minerals and dialates the small capillaries which can break and cause little red veiny lines on the cheeks, nose etc.

Hope this helps you out!!
I hope this forum lives up to its name, because I need some professional help! I'm at my wits end trying to select anti-aging products to use and need some guidance. What is actually effective at getting rid of crows feet, bags, and wrinkles!?
I think an important question is how old are you? Should you be getting lines and wrinkles? If you're 25 you should not and there is something not right; if you're 35 plus, then yes, maybe you need to look at specific skin care products.

The advice provided by some of the answers so far of drinking plenty of water, eating good quality non-processed foods and staying out of the sun as much as possible are all going to benefit your skin.

The other thing to keep in mind is that most of the department store type anti-aging products actually do nothing for the health of the skin and only work on reducing the symptoms temporarily. As soon as you stop using the products, the lines and wrinkles come back and are sometimes worse than they were before you started using them.

I won't name the brands, but many of them will not make this known to you...

My suggestion is to do some research into the type of ingredients that are known to reduce lines and wrinkles - look for herbs, essential oils, etc., if you then see these listed on the product information, you have some chance of buying a product that will actually do what it claims...

Also have a close look at the other ingredients. More and more of the hundreds of ingredients used in skin care products are being scrutinized and many have been identified as potentially harmful - so take care, do your research and read all available information

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Yeah, Sunscreen definately is the best solution! An invisble zinc or a sunscreen with organic ingredients is the best because in many sunscreens there are ingredients that cause more skin problems..

Also eating healthy, drinking lots of clean water and eating plenty of antioxidants can prevent aging and help with aging process. and vitamins A, B, C and E also help antiaging.

And with products, I have used Marykay and I find that really good. The microdermabration and firming eye cream work really well for wrinkles and aging.
If you have wrinkles or lines tri atkinson is a very popular choice there is even a forum for this product, somewhere if you can find i cant anywhere!

If you want though Makeupalley - Street Smart Beauty - Homepage Smart Skin Care - Intelligent Rejuvenation Through Science are good places to look for skin care reviews too!

However it might be good if you tells us more about your skin type too! The more we know about you the more everyone can help
This is about the 4th rave for this product you've posted today! What is it and how does it work?
Are yu promoting it and do you get compensated?

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